Mobile App

Using the Health At Vanderbilt app, you can create and store your own medical records. Make a virtual replica of your own recordings with this tool. The elderly and those with limited mobility would particularly appreciate this feature. You’ll be able to see a picture of the doctor’s office or clinic as well as their contact information when you select a medical facility.


Users of MyHealthAtVanderbilt can now get and pay their health insurance quotes via a new mobile application. MyHealthATanderbilt is a network of healthcare providers that allows you to compare health insurance quotes for free, unlike other comparable systems.

The organisation works with more than forty different health insurance providers and provides options from each of them. It’s easy to see how much a policy from one of the company’s several plans costs by visiting the site and selecting one.

MyHealthAtVanderbilt Mobile App

My Health at Vanderbilt is a safe and convenient way for you to have access to all of your medical records. On the go, you can access some of our most popular features thanks to this mobile version. You can keep track of your progress and symptoms using the app on your phone. You can also use my Health at Vanderbilt app to learn more about your health and the best treatments for your particular illness.

The My Health at Vanderbilt app can be used to:

  • Your diary is available to view.
  • Send a note to your doctor’s office via e-mail
  • Make an appointment for a consultation.
  • Plan the venue of your meeting ahead of time.
  • Organize the data in your online profile.
  • Instant access can be gained by creating a PIN.
  • Appointment log with a geographic context
  • Connecting your Apple Health account to My Health will allow you to retrieve health data from your own devices.

The majority of Vanderbilt’s health care practitioners, facilities, and clinics collaborate with My Health. Don’t have a user name or password? Ask how simple it is to join on your next visit.