Patient-to-patient communication and networking via health information resources are made possible through a service known as “My Health at Vanderbilt” offered by Vanderbilt Health. Become a member of MyHealthAtVanderbilt Only this method will allow you to follow in the footsteps of those before you. Medical prescriptions and deductible expenses can be viewed and payments can be made, as well as friends added. You have the option of keeping your medical information private at all times.

You may access your medical records and keep track of what you eat and drink while you’re at work using this app. Make sure you have a strong password and an email notification set up for your account security. Additionally, if you ever need to reset your password, you can do so in your account settings. The procedure is straightforward.


Request a new password to protect your account against unauthorised access. In the comments section below, you can ask any questions you have about the 10-digit activation code, customer support, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, third-party service, online patient tool, personal visit, zip code, or anything else you’ve read here.

Remember to keep all of your scheduled doctor’s visits. For the most part, medical appointments are covered by health insurance. Because of an underlying medical condition or other financial difficulties, some people may not be able to acquire insurance coverage. As a result, you should know exactly how much money you’ll need to set up for medical treatment before you leave work.


30 percent of MHAV clients get access to more than 61 health headings and more than 300 test results with accompanying explanations. As a result, MHAV limits the types and timing of available test findings in order to address these concerns. All test results are grouped into three categories depending on the enthusiasm, friendliness, and desire for understanding of the healthcare expert.