Keeping tabs on your health is easy with Using your profile, you’ll have immediate access as well as access for members of your family. You’ll be amazed at what MyHealthAtVanderbilt can do for you with the high-quality services they give.

The Vanderbilt Health History Report lets you see how you’ve been doing medically. The platform also provides access to your medical records. The next time you visit the clinic, you can ask your doctor to update any false information so that your medical records remain private.


The homepage of MyHealthAtVanderbilt is straightforward to navigate, with just a few buttons to choose from. It is possible to rapidly access your medical records and appointment times by clicking on some of the program’s connections.

A new mobile app makes MHAV (MyHealthatVanderbilt) much more accessible to patients. Integration of a paediatric and adolescent-focused medical file with an accompanying patient portal with my own children.

How To Perform MyHealthAtVanderbilt Login?

Patients and visitors at Vanderbilt University Medical Center can use MyHealthAtVanderbilt Login to manage their accounts. You can use any network-connected device to access your MyHealthatVanderbilt account once you’ve created one.

  • Enter your User ID and Password on the MyHealthAtVanderbilt login page at
  • To access your MyHealthAtVanderbilt account, simply click the Login option after you’ve completed the previous step.

Requirements for MyHealthAtVanderbilt Login

  • The login page for MyHealthAtVanderbilt can be found at this URL.
  • MyHealthAtVanderbilt Login requires a valid username and password.
  • An Internet browser is an application that allows you to access the Internet.
  • You should be able to view your data from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Registration Process For MyHealthAtVanderbilt

We provide our patients with a secure web portal, MyHealthAtVanderbilt, where they can monitor their own health information. View your medical records, make appointments, and more using this app. At any moment, you can register online. Get an account by following these steps:

  • Go to if you’d like to learn more about my health. – Select the Redeem Activation Code button.
  • This is where you provide your activation code as well as your birth date and location. Your postal code must be the same as the one we have on file.
  • To log in, type in your preferred username and password. Both boxes must be filled in with your password.
  • In order to prevent unauthorised access, store your username and password securely.
  • Once you’re done, press the green “Next” button.
  • In both boxes, type your email address. Here, you’ll find crucial health-related information and reminders.
  • Then, click the “Connect” button in the lower right corner.
  • To use our services, you must agree to our terms and conditions.
  • As soon as you’ve done that, click on “OK” at the bottom.

Reset And Updating Credentials

Forgot Username

Open the My Health at Vanderbilt Login page at if you have forgotten your username.


Just below the Login button, you’ll find a link that says “Forgot your username?”

You will be redirected to a page titled “Retrieve your My Health username” after completing this step.

The username can be retrieved by supplying the following personal information:

  • First name
  • Family name/surname
  • Social Security number
  • Birthdate
  • If you click Submit, you will be allowed to recover your username.

Update Or Reset Password

To update or reset your password, go to, Vanderbilt’s My Health login page.


This button is located just below the Forgot Password link.

You’ll be prompted to reset your password when you click on it.

Reset your password by providing the following details:

  • Your new password will be emailed to your email address after clicking on the link provided.

Your password will be reset after you fill out this form:

My username for my health
Your social security number’s last four digits should be used.
After you click Next, you’ll be taken through the rest of the steps.

Use Of MyHealthAtVanderbilt?

MyHealthAtVanderbilt is a free online resource that connects people with medical professionals and allows them to communicate with one another. The most recent advancements in health and wellness kept you abreast of the latest trends in this field. Then, you can take steps toward improving your health.

  • Schedule a consultation with a local healthcare provider. What if you’re looking for an answer and can’t find it? When you create an account on the MyHealthAtVanderbilt website, you’ll be able to connect with local healthcare professionals and doctors, as well as view your health records from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Log in to MyHealthAtVanderbilt to see your personal health information. All of your current medical issues, as well as the dates and information provided during each appointment, can be kept in this account.
  • Find out how long you have to live. You may check how long it will take you to reach your life expectancy. Use this information if you expect to stay at the same place of employment or study for a long time or if you plan to relocate.
  • Consult the patient’s file
  • Contact Vanderbilt University Medical Center to set up an appointment with a doctor.
  • Take a look at your yearly exams and treatments in one place.
  • Your doctor should be contacted.
  • Manage your personal information.
  • Use the MyHealthAtVanderbilt smartphone app to generate a PIN for immediate access.
  • A note should be sent to your physician’s office.

About MyHealthatVanderbilt

Your medical records can be transferred to paper via the app. An excellent method for making virtual copies of recordings. The elderly and those with limited mobility would particularly appreciate this feature. You’ll be able to see a picture of the doctor’s office as well as their contact information when you select a clinic or facility from the list.

Remember to keep all of your scheduled doctor’s visits. For the most part, medical appointments are covered by health insurance. Because of an underlying medical condition or other financial difficulties, some people may not be able to acquire insurance coverage. As a result, you should know exactly how much money you’ll need to set up for medical treatment before you leave work.


Check to see whether your workplace offers prescription drug coverage options that are tailored to your needs. Some companies, for example, offer dental and eye care services to their employees. Knowing how many key prescription medications are covered by your employer is still important.

Customers have access to more than 60 health categories and over 300 test results with accompanying explanations via MHAV. As a result, MHAV limits the types and timing of available test findings in order to address these concerns. Test results are categorised into three groups based on the level of passion, friendliness, and comprehension of the healthcare practitioner.

MyHealthAtVanderbilt Mobile App

Health @ Vanderbilt’s app allows you to generate and upload your own medical information. Using this method, you can save a duplicate of your recordings on your computer. The elderly and those with limited mobility would particularly appreciate this feature. You’ll be able to see a picture of the doctor’s office or clinic as well as their contact information when you select a medical facility.


Access your current MyHealthAtVanderbilt account on the app to:

  • Consider the info you’ve gathered.
  • A note should be sent to your physician’s office.
  • Ask for a date and time that works for you.
  • Your date’s location should be consistent with the location of your meeting.
  • Organize the data in your online profile.
  • Make a PIN for Immediate Use
  • In My Health, you can obtain health data from your Apple devices by connecting your Apple Health account to My Health.
  • Anywhere you have internet access, you can make appointments and check your medical records.
  • Appointments can be scheduled via email if you do not have internet access.

Application login steps

  • Take a look at the app for MyVanderbiltHealth. Login
  • The Login or Login button should be visible.
  • Simply click on the text box that says “ID.”
  • So, what is your handle?
  • Input your password.
  • To sign in, simply press the Connect button.


  • Using the link below, you can open this instructions in a new window, as well as log into MyHealthAtVanderbilt. You’ll be able to follow along with the steps as you learn them if you watch the video!
  • By clicking the Login button, you will be taken back to the My health at Vanderbilt login page, where your login information must be re-entered. Either you’ll get this information when you join up, or a website representative will give it to you on behalf of the organisation.
  • Your connection to My Health at Vanderbilt has been established after receiving a “successfully logged in” notice.
  • Your login credentials for Vanderbilt’s health system may not be accepted. This problem can be solved by following these step-by-step steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

To update my My Health at Vanderbilt email address, what should I do?

  • You can change the patient’s email address by clicking on the Change Email Address option in the Patient Information area. For each piece of information that needs updating, click on the blue pencil symbol. Click the green tick to complete the process of adding your email address to My Health at Vanderbilt’s notification list.

Is it possible to see a family member’s medical history in My Health?

  • Proxy access allows a parent (or guardian) to gain access to their own My Health account in order to access the personal information of a family member. Please fill out the proxy consent form and mail it to any of our medical locations, or click Share my record from the Health menu option if you are interested in this simple service. If you choose the first option, “Access by friends and family,” you will be able to make changes to or add new people to your health record.

There is a problem with the activation code that I received. What’s the next step for me?

  • After your first use, your code will expire after about 30 days and no longer be valid. To protect your safety, we’ve put this in place. If you are still having problems, please use the following address to get in touch with us. MyHealthAtVanderbilt Helpline can be reached at (615) 343-HELP (4357) or by emailing MyChartSupport@*.com.


You can use My Vanderbilt Health to help you lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. It’s a virtual health connection that lets people access their medical records, sensitive health information, and even health topics they’re interested in learning more about online.

If you have a health condition, you can use the information you’ve gathered to keep tabs on it and see if it’s becoming worse.

With the free online service MyHealthAtVanderbilt, you can communicate with a virtual doctor and other patients while also accessing health information resources. Become a member of My Health at Vanderbilt Only this method will allow you to follow in the footsteps of those before you.

Medical prescriptions and deductible expenses can be viewed and payments can be made, as well as friends added. You have the option of keeping your medical information private at all times.

When you’re at work, you have access to your medical records and may keep track of what you’re drinking and eating. Make sure you have a strong password and an email notification set up for your account security.

There are options in the settings enabling you to change your password at any moment. The procedure is straightforward. Request a new password to protect your account against unauthorised access.

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